Well, after over 30 years in the business of selling and financing autos, this location is now home to a new venture.  With the passing of my husband Henry in 2014 the need to continue using this location for a business seemed necessary in order to keep his memory from fading.  So I dedicate this new business to his memory and the life lessons he taught me about running a successful business.  Of course that in no way diminishes the fact that the Lord Jesus was the ultimate, behind-the-scenes author of our business being the profitable business it was.  Without Him there would be no reason to feel secure in doing anything; really. In essence, the power of the Holy Spirit had given me this idea for starting this business just a couple of months after my Henry left this earth.  I had originally seen it as being more of a gathering place rather than a retail business, but then the artistic nature God had given me kicked in and it turned into creating original Scriptural pictures and some old furniture recreations.

Contact can be made through messenger on our Facebook page or at the email address of [email protected]; thanks!